My New Spock Video! “Them There Eyes” – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Hey Kids!

I’ve have had an idea to make a Spock/Nimoy tribute for a long time! (long before he passed).  When I first heard this song by the great Billie Holiday, I thought it would be perfect backdrop for Spock’s beautiful brown eyes.  I’ve combined clips of Mr. Nimoy as Spock and as Paris to make this little tribute. I hope it will bring joy to all who loved him.

It’s called Them There Eyes – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015.                 Enjoy, Thank you!


Happy 75th Patrick Stewart!

Today was the 75th birthday of beloved Trek TNG actor Patrick Stewart!   I love this guy!  Not only a great asset to Star Trek, but a marvelous Shakespearean actor and just a wonderful human being!  It’s so easy to think of him as serious characters as Captain Picard and Professor Charles Xavier, but in reality he’s proven many times just how un-serious he is! Bless you on your Birthday Sir Patrick, and may you Live Long and Prosper!



(And check out this song and dance tribute from Patrick to Gene Roddenberry! )

FArFri – ‘Trek Spam 4’ by silveraaki

This uses the reboot version of our crew, but I think it’s pretty clever!  “Moose!”  by artist silveraaki


One of my favorites here is #9 !

From her description:

1. “I can so whoop your ass at fencing” – spawned from doodling with my friend in Calculus. We come up with weeeird stuff. >_<

2. Jim: “No.”
Bones: “You want shore leave or not”

3. “MOOSE!!” – I…….don’t know…

4. “The hell is this?” – Oh the decrepit pink, horned, dog…thing from the TOS series….yay 60’s

5. ZOMG!! Scotty! I don’t draw you enough, my friend.

6. There’s gonna be a tribble in every single one of these things. I swear.

7. *gigglesnort* Spock got shrink-ed!

8. “Dammit, Jim!” – If you can’t guess that would be Bones. I originally drew this with good ole Crayola crayons on a massive sheet of butcher  paper! Fun times…

9. Okay, follow the lines…
Kirk: “Spock?”
Bones: “Jim…”
Kirk: “Bones! Spoooooock?”
Spock: “Jim.”

10. Kirk: “Oooooooo”
Bones: “Yeah, I can’t do that with my arms”
Inspired from the epicness that is :icondemolitionlove:‘s picture here. Please, go look at it, especially if you love Star Trek and Charlie the Unicorn…..’cause the combination of those two just makes your head asplode. It’s true.

11. OMFG! I lurve this one XD

12. Kirk: “I’m gonna regret that later in life aren’t I?”
Spock: “There is a 98.43% chance of that being correct.”

Thar ya go, guys. More randomness from my notes. Drawing these characters never gets old…


Colbert Report – Two Bad Inventions! Baby I-Pads and Potty Chairs

Had to share this —Probably the two WORST baby inventions EVER. Baby seats and potty chairs that incorporate I-Pads! At this rate, the next generation will all turn into the obese layabout cruise ship inhabitants in WALL-e! This is so wrong (Colbert makes it funny in it’s inanity). If future generations only look at I-Pads and spout corporate logos, we’re in trouble. I really hope these don’t catch on.

(For those of you unfamiliar , Stephen Colbert is a very funny American comedian who portrays a conservative news reporter on his fake news show “The Colbert Report”. His ‘Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger’ segments hilariously skewer American lifestyles).