Busy Times…

Hey Kids,

Sorry I haven’t posted this week. Between my son’s 17th birthday last weekend and his Confirmation this weekend and other family and work issues,  I’ve been swamped.  But I’m working on some posts and you’ll hear from me soon!  You know how it is– especially at the end of the school year!  I should have a few of things up by Memorial Day.  Thanks for your patience. -Therese 🙂


5 thoughts on “Busy Times…

  1. Well, that’s the thing about hobbies — they’re VOLUNTARY! 😉
    We’re glad to hear from you when you can post, but please don’t worry about it when you can’t.

  2. True, this is voluntary, yet this one actually costs me one C-note a year (for WordPress Premium)! Maybe I should add a donate button?
    I really appreciate you and all my 360 watchers (Between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and here)! Even if that’s a tiny amount in all the cyberworld, I never would have thought I’d have ever 10 subscribers when I started this little blog almost 3 years ago! And I’m always happy to hear your comments and questions! Thanks for your support!

    • Most hobbies cost money. Think about how much it costs to buy or rent skis and go to a ski area or how much it costs to buy paints and canvas or how much it costs to buy a piano and sheet music. $100/year is actually quite cheap, as these things go. 😉

      I maintain a website for the mods I’ve made for the computer role-playing game “The Witcher.” I’ve spent thousands of hours making the mods, and thousands of people have downloaded them. Occasionally someone suggests that I add a “donate” button to my site — especially when I’ve fixed a bug in the commercial game that the actual developers of the game haven’t fixed — but I always thank them and say no. To me, part of the joy of fandom — any fandom — is that they’re based on love and not money. I made my mods because I loved the game and wanted to share them with other people who also loved the game. I write Star Trek fan fiction (under another name), and I share my stories for love, too.

      You can do whatever you want, of course, since it’s your site, but I think that adding money to the mix makes people become cynical about it all.

  3. Thanks for your input, Cory! Wow, you do a lot! Congratulations and thanks for your devotion. It’s a great hobby!
    Actually, posting this site was free for the first couple of years, but as it is image-laden, I was running out of space and to upgrade I checked the $ option last year and now it automatically renews. I probably should have kept the business side of this to myself; (keep the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain s to speak) it was tacky to bring it up.
    And yes, I do it for the love of Trek and mostly for fun, I just feel guilty when I can’t get stuff up every week like I did when I started. I have a zillion ideas for stuff to post, just not the time it requires. Of course, life is very busy, especially this time of year, and I’m also dealing with a medical problem right now. (lady stuff, I’ll know more next week, just keep me in your prayers). So I have a lot on my plate, but ever thankful that I have my family, friends, and this little ego boost when I see all your comments and ‘likes’. Thanks to you and everyone here, love Therese

    • Oh, goodness. I don’t ski OR paint OR play the piano; those were all theoretical examples. 🙂 And I’ve retired from Witcher modding, because actually, I can’t do that much these days. (I still maintain the website, though, because people are still using the mods.)

      I pretty much never go to Facebook, so I never “like” things. Sorry about that. But I hope my comments let you know that you’re appreciated. Good luck with the health challenge. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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