FArFri – ‘Trek Spam 4’ by silveraaki

This uses the reboot version of our crew, but I think it’s pretty clever!  “Moose!”  by artist silveraaki


One of my favorites here is #9 !

From her description:

1. “I can so whoop your ass at fencing” – spawned from doodling with my friend in Calculus. We come up with weeeird stuff. >_<

2. Jim: “No.”
Bones: “You want shore leave or not”

3. “MOOSE!!” – I…….don’t know…

4. “The hell is this?” – Oh the decrepit pink, horned, dog…thing from the TOS series….yay 60’s

5. ZOMG!! Scotty! I don’t draw you enough, my friend.

6. There’s gonna be a tribble in every single one of these things. I swear.

7. *gigglesnort* Spock got shrink-ed!

8. “Dammit, Jim!” – If you can’t guess that would be Bones. I originally drew this with good ole Crayola crayons on a massive sheet of butcher  paper! Fun times…

9. Okay, follow the lines…
Kirk: “Spock?”
Bones: “Jim…”
Kirk: “Bones! Spoooooock?”
Spock: “Jim.”

10. Kirk: “Oooooooo”
Bones: “Yeah, I can’t do that with my arms”
Inspired from the epicness that is :icondemolitionlove:‘s picture here. Please, go look at it, especially if you love Star Trek and Charlie the Unicorn…..’cause the combination of those two just makes your head asplode. It’s true.

11. OMFG! I lurve this one XD

12. Kirk: “I’m gonna regret that later in life aren’t I?”
Spock: “There is a 98.43% chance of that being correct.”

Thar ya go, guys. More randomness from my notes. Drawing these characters never gets old…


FArFri — “You Seem Familiar” by Bolkonsky

This is totally adorable! A fun whimsical piece by Bolkonsky on DeviantArt  I appreciate that she acknowledged that New Kirk and McCoy have totally different eye colors than the original! (Really, I wish they gave New Kirk and McCoy color contacts!)   But this is really sweet; Love how Uhuras are singing and Scotties are swigging!  You can order products with this design too. http://society6.com/bolkonsky/You-Seem-Familiar_Print#1=45


FArFri 10/26/12 A Trekkie Halloween, Various Artists

Since Halloween will be over by next Friday- Here’s some Halloween Trek!  From various artists —

Schematization on DeviantArt creates these very funny Star Trek ‘stamps’ (mini gifs) and slogans-with a great sense of humor, and even entire episodes squeezed into several seconds!  Here’s a few, including Catspaw  Hilarious! Then a nice crossover of Kirk with the Gremlin by artist Tom Whalen (strongstuff)  from Twilight Zone! And then a brilliant ‘Regency Trek by artist  lamamama I love how she portrays Amanda & Sarek! The characters there are as follows:

Top row: Sarek woos Amanda with little success

2nd Row:  Chekov defends Mother Russia, Scotty hates the French, and Sarek tries again  ( I LOVE Amanda’s expression and reply here!)

3rd Row T’Pring as snobby Caroline Bingley, Kirk gets randy, Spock does not want to dance and McCoy looks for alcohol.  Meanwhile, Uhura looks ravishing in her gown and turban!

And on the other end of history, a wild, 70’s funkadellic Spock and Uhura from griffinfly   (How cool is that?)Happy Early Halloween Everyone!