May 29th

Hey Kids,

Just wanted to let you know that I had a biopsy today.  Without going into too much detail, I just want to say that there’s an 80% chance that my little problem is benign.  So please  say a little prayer for me, and keep meditating on that number; 80%.    (I’ll know by Monday) Thanks for your support.

In other much happier news, today was also my 21st Wedding Anniversary! Already?? Seems like yesterday.  Love my Mister!


18 thoughts on “May 29th

  1. Wishing you well! I am hoping you get
    good news!
    And Congratulations on your Anniversary! Time goes by quickly. I’ll soon be celebrating my 26th Anniversary!
    LLAP Mary

    • Hope all is well! Sending good vibes and prayers your way!
      I’m having a biopsy myself next Tuesday. My Doctor seems confident that all is ok. But it is just downright scary. As my Dad often says- “Worrying won’t get you anywhere.” Seems logical!

      • Thank you Mary. I hope your biopsy will go well too (although it is not a pleasant experience). Your Dad is right! For worry has never added a day to anyone’s life! Bless you and good luck, Therese

    • Thank you Celia! ( It’s my left one) But man, that was stressful! Thanks for your support, I know I’m not the only one going through all this!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope you and your man have many more ahead.

    Crossing my fingers for good results from your biopsy — the odds are definitely in your favor! (Imagine Mr. Nimoy dressed as Spock, telling you (in that lovely deep voice) that the chance of success is 80%. 😉 )

    • Thanks Cory! I really like your imagery here! 😀 Spock would tell me how logical it is that my chances are pretty good.
      Also, I always like to say that I grew up in love with Mr. Spock and I ended up marrying him! (My Greg is a software engineer geek and has a lovely deep voice too!) 🙂

      • You and I have mentioned before that we both married Spocks, which I think is remarkable. Or maybe scary. 😉 Leonard Nimoy should have a tee shirt that says, “Spock: Getting geeky boys love since 1966.”

        My Spock has a beard, though, so I guess that means I married Mirror Spock? Uh-oh! My husband is a Computer Science professor at Tufts, but I’m sure he’d love to teach at Starfleet Academy. 😉

        If you want to see it (it’s okay if you don’t), our wedding photo is here:

      • Long live sexy geeks! Love your wedding picture! Sweet! Thanks! (We great minds mate alike, eh?)

        “Geek Boys” Yes! I’m going to make that into a poster- Brilliant!

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