My Weekly Spock – Nimoy in The Lieutenant Part II

Hey All!

Here’s what I suspect a couple of my fangirls here were waiting for since last week (you know who you are!) Here’s Leonard at his finest in the rest of my stills from The Lieutenant episode In the Highest Tradition

He was quite a firecracker here, and Nimoy and Barrett played so well off of each other that their characters of the intense director (Gregg) and  his assistant (Ruth) would have made a great spin-off.  I can see it now:  The Director, starring Leonard Nimoy and Majel  Barrett!  With lots of sexual tension  and plenty of anguished moments where Gregg strips his shirt off…  Truly a missed opportunity!

You can see the whole episode here.



One thought on “My Weekly Spock – Nimoy in The Lieutenant Part II

  1. Beautiful screencaps. Reflections are: he was so beautiful, he was far from shy about stripping off, it’s not surprising he contracted copd, and I wonder if we were meant to infer a relationship between him and ‘Ruthie’.

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