Some Bernie Memes I Made

Since everyone’s making “Bernie in his Coat and Mittens” meme since yesterday’s beautiful Inauguration, I had to make some too! Yes, there’s some Trek ones! (You know me with inspiration! Enjoy! – Therese

Bernie By Northwest.
Bernie’s Gone.
Breakfast at Bernies
Bernie Goes Lightly
The Bridge is Too Damn Cold
Still Too Cold!
Uncle Bernie!
I Was a Blurry Beatle.
Who’s That Little Old Man?
Citizen Bernie
And I Say You Gotta Save the Damn Tribbles!

The Beatles Were Trekkies! (Rare Photo!) ;-)

It’s almost to good to be true, but lo and behold — My favorite band of all time were fans of my favorite TV show of all time!

As evidenced in this extremely rare photo from late 1966 – Paul is clearly giving the Vulcan Peace Sign as John looks on from their hotel window!  I bet Trek was a huge factor in their creative drives that led to Sgt. Pepper the following year!  Wow!  Who’da thunk it???!Beatle-Trek April Fool

And by the way,  if you haven’t noticed today’s date, better read the following words backward:   LOOF LIRPA !  😉 Gotcha!  (This was hard to Photoshop!)




Johnny and Lenny-A Meeting of Minds (collage)

Hey Kids,

Been looking over Beatle pics lately and came across the iconic portrait of John Lennon in a doorway in Hamburg,Germany around 1960, taken by his pal Juergen Vollmer.  This photo was later used on Lennon’s 70s compilation, Rock n’ Roll Music. (1975) It reminded me of another picture of Nimoy as a greaser in the 1960 TV episode of Lock Up  (The Case of Frank Crotty) –well…it seemed a natural fit, considering that these are two of my favorite people of all time.  I bet they would have had a hell of a conversation! Call it an ultimate Beatle/Trek fantasy. Enjoy, Therese

Here’s the original stills: