The Daily Scrapbook 12/10/12 , February 1978, Nimoy only 40 minutes away…

V1-pg 62Here’s today’s flashback — From February of 1978, a very exciting time for me as I waited with baited breath for my trip to Elmira (40 minutes away) to see, live and in person, Leonard Nimoy.  This 16 year old was so excited, she wrote two (really crappy) limericks!   More on this event soon!

My Weekly Spock: Enter Stage Left

Here’s some stage appearances from Mr. Nimoy, who did a lot of theater in the 1970’s.  I wish I could have seen one of these.  It looks like pure delight (and hard work) for the actor who loves theater like his own child.

We heard from Heash!

Hey Kids, I just got a very nice surprise, a comment here from the Master of Ceremonies from the Star Trek Bi-Centennial-10 convention back in 1976!  That’s right — HEASH!  (a.k.a. Steve Lance).  So be sure to read the comment; Mr. Lance is looking for reminiscences of all the Star Trek Conventions he hosted in the 1970’s so he can get his memoirs written!  For all of you who ever attended, be sure to give him your ear!

You can read his comment and info here!

UPDATE:  12/9/12  I just heard from Steve Lance again, and if you or anyone you know has memories of being at the Star Trek Conventions he hosted (“Star Trek Lives” 1974 International Star Trek Convention; Star Trek 1975; Star Trek Bi-Centennial 10 (1976); Star Trek America; Star Trek Philadelphia ,1977) He wants to hear from you! Contact me here at and I will forward the info to him! Thanks.


Steve Lance, a.k.a.”Heash” in 1976.

Bonus Friday Post — Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness

I wasn’t going to post anything new until Monday, but just came across this!!!  Squeee!  Here’s the Japanese version of the preview for the new movie  Star Trek Into Darkness coming in May!   I ‘m posting the Japanese version because it has a touch more footage, most notably it appears Spock’s hand giving the Vulcan salute through glass to… someone ( reference to “The Wrath of Khan?”)

The plot of this one seems to be someone evil planning vengeance against Kirk and crew, just a matter of speculating who this bad guy is.   A lot have suggested that it’s Khan, but after closer examination, I think it’s Gary Mitchell from Where No Man Has Gone Before, which is an exciting prospect to me because I always felt bad that Mitchell had to die in the original.   Another hint?  The pretty blond crew-member looks like Dr. Elizabeth Dehner from that original pilot.  ( I thought it might have been Yeoman Rand at first, but she’s wearing science blue!)


Oh man, I can’t wait!     Questions? Comments?  Let us speculate!

FArFri – 12/7/12 The Dream Fulfilled by Porcelain Requiem

Friday already?  Time for some art to ease you into your weekend.  the_dream_fulfilled____by_porcelain_requiem-d36ll4kSince Nurse Chapel was heartbroken in my StarTreKomic this week, it seemed only fair to give her a happy ending today!  Hence Spock and Chapel marry in “The Dream Fulfilled” by artist porcelain requiem.   I love the animated quality of this! Did you know that Gene Roddenberry wanted Nurse Chapel to end up with Spock?  I always hoped she would!

The Daily Scrapbook 12/7/12 ‘Star Blecch” – The Original MAD magazine parody.

Here’s today’s flashback:  From the late 70’s, a reprint of the original MAD Magazine Star Trek Parody — Star Bleech.  Funny and brilliant, back when MAD magazine was the go-to for delightfully skewered satire. Excellent art by Mort Drucker, (with a nod to  Don Martin’s everyman) and hilarious writing by Dick DeBartolo,   Enjoy!

V1-pg 66a copy V1-pg 66b copy V1-pg 66c V1-pg 66d V1-pg 66e V1-pg 66f V1-pg 66g copy

The Daily Scrapbook 12/6/12 Guess who’s coming to town?

It ain’t Santa!  But in January of 1978 I got a late Christmas present when it was announced that not one but TWO celebrities connected to Star Trek would be appearing locally!  Gene Roddenberry was coming to our local Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena, promoting The World of Star Trek (basically the same show I saw in Rochester that past August), and  LEONARD NIMOY would be coming to nearby Elmira!!! Unfortunately both of these events fell on the same night: February 18th.  But which to go to? Well, if you’re like me, and I know I am, the choice was obvious; Vulcan’s beat Great Birds of the Galaxy every time!   I will post about this unforgettable event next week, so stay tuned!

However, in other news, the long awaited Star Trek II TV series return was permanently canceled by Paramount TV, no new series, no bald lady.  The headline read “Sorry Trekkies”, but I felt a strange sigh of relief.  Looking back now we did tons better with the movie series than we ever could have with a re-booted Trek.  And the movies led to more TV series, so it was a double win for the fans. There’s also a portion of an article here mentioning Nimoy in “In Search  Of.”  The producer, Alan Lansbury, describes Nimoy as “a persuasive identity”  I couldn’t agree more.  By the way, have you noticed how many times in these scrapbook pieces I’d have to fix Spock title from “Dr.” to ‘Mr.”?  Pure carelessness (or ignorance) on the writer’s part)

V1-pg 60a2 copyV1-pg 60b copyV1-pg 60a3 copy

The Daily Scrapbook 12/5/12 1978- Controversy! Spock Speaks Out!

Here’s today’s flashback:  From 1978, Nimoy drops a bombshell on the new Trek, putting all the speculation about his appearance in any Trek project on it’s pointed eaV1-pg 59r!  Turns out Nimoy wasn’t the one holding up operations, but Paramount was’ at first NOT offering him a role in the new series at all, then allegedly only offering him two episodes in the new series.  Nimoy’s heart-felt plea to the fans here set the record straight.  I was happy to read this, for I knew he wasn’t the ‘Benedict Vulcan’ that one fan had portrayed him as.   Indeed, any revival of TOS would just not be Star Trek without Mr. Spock!

I recall being

Toon Tuesday 12/4/12 ‘She Knew It”

She Knew ItHere’s a new StarTreKomic — Now I admit, I’ve never been too thrilled with the Kirk-Spock ‘Slash’ fictions and art that feature Kirk and Spock as passionate lovers, but I have to admit, you look at many scenes in TOS, and there’s a LOT of love there.  It was fun to create this subtle version of Nurse Chapel’s worst nightmare!  Let’s make it viral!  You can probably tell that Spock and Chapel here are from Amok Time, Kirk is from Obsession.