Wideo Wednesday 5/15/13 J.J. Abrams talks Star Trek on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

What_s_the_difference_between_Star_Wars_and_Star_Trek__JJ_Abrams_explains___sort_ofIf you missed it, here’s the extended interview (two parts) with J.J. Abrams on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:



I can’t wait to see the next installment of Abrams version of Trek – I will be posting a review of it here, so stay tuned!

Bonus Friday Post — Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness

I wasn’t going to post anything new until Monday, but just came across this!!!  Squeee!  Here’s the Japanese version of the preview for the new movie  Star Trek Into Darkness coming in May!   I ‘m posting the Japanese version because it has a touch more footage, most notably it appears Spock’s hand giving the Vulcan salute through glass to… someone ( reference to “The Wrath of Khan?”)

The plot of this one seems to be someone evil planning vengeance against Kirk and crew, just a matter of speculating who this bad guy is.   A lot have suggested that it’s Khan, but after closer examination, I think it’s Gary Mitchell from Where No Man Has Gone Before, which is an exciting prospect to me because I always felt bad that Mitchell had to die in the original.   Another hint?  The pretty blond crew-member looks like Dr. Elizabeth Dehner from that original pilot.  ( I thought it might have been Yeoman Rand at first, but she’s wearing science blue!)


Oh man, I can’t wait!     Questions? Comments?  Let us speculate!