#48 “Obsession”

Obsession was one of those episodes I didn’t like much as a kid, so whenever I see it, it’s almost been like a new episode for me since I don’t know all the dialogue from heart! Looking back on it now, it’s really a pretty good one, especially in regard to Kirk’s complex emotions here. I included a ”faded” picture of Kirk here from Where No Man has Gone Before to represent him as a younger man.  Ironically, that picture was only taken about a year and a half earlier when Where… was filmed, but Kirk does look astonishingly younger between the two shots.  I added to the illusion of youth and maturity by squeezing the older image to make him look thinner, and slightly stretching the color image from the episode to give him a little bulk.   Young Ensign Garrovick needed no adjustment, as he’s just gorgeous.  🙂

48 Obsession


Toon Tuesday 12/4/12 ‘She Knew It”

She Knew ItHere’s a new StarTreKomic — Now I admit, I’ve never been too thrilled with the Kirk-Spock ‘Slash’ fictions and art that feature Kirk and Spock as passionate lovers, but I have to admit, you look at many scenes in TOS, and there’s a LOT of love there.  It was fun to create this subtle version of Nurse Chapel’s worst nightmare!  Let’s make it viral!  You can probably tell that Spock and Chapel here are from Amok Time, Kirk is from Obsession.