My Weekly Spock–Remembering Leonard at the TONYS

If you didn’t catch the Tony Awards last night, in the memorial section Leonard’s picture was among the many   🙁   I do love the photo they chose to represent him; one of my favorites.  I’ll add a copy of that picture when I find it!

Leonard had done a couple of plays on Broadway, Full Circle and Equus. And he had a theater named after him at Symphony Space in NYC.  I’m glad the Tony’s remembered him as more than Mr. Spock.

IMG_4784 copy

My Weekly Spock: Enter Stage Left

Here’s some stage appearances from Mr. Nimoy, who did a lot of theater in the 1970’s.  I wish I could have seen one of these.  It looks like pure delight (and hard work) for the actor who loves theater like his own child.