Toon Tuesday 12/4/12 ‘She Knew It”

She Knew ItHere’s a new StarTreKomic — Now I admit, I’ve never been too thrilled with the Kirk-Spock ‘Slash’ fictions and art that feature Kirk and Spock as passionate lovers, but I have to admit, you look at many scenes in TOS, and there’s a LOT of love there.  It was fun to create this subtle version of Nurse Chapel’s worst nightmare!  Let’s make it viral!  You can probably tell that Spock and Chapel here are from Amok Time, Kirk is from Obsession.

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  1. I have never understood why a friendship between two human beings, regardless of sex (male/female), must involve the act of coitus in the minds of most people. I think that is a very narrow and cheapened view of friendship and the love that can exist between two people when it is implied that sex is the penultimate reason for friendship, relationships, etc. It is small-minded and simple-minded to think that sex is the end-all, be-all of any relationship. Accept that love can be love without sex being involved.

    • Very well written comment. Yes, there is plenty on love without sex, not to mention deep loving friendships between people who never intend to be lovers. I’ve always thought of Kirk and Spock just as two devoted friends. Now, if the characters were written as gay, that would be one thing, but I’ve always thought of Kirk and Spock just as two devoted friends. The whole slash business started out in fanzines in the ’70’s, and although I’ve never taken it seriously, I’ve always just figured that since Kirk and Spock are such beautiful men, it seemed a not-too-surprising fantasy to make them lovers. A lot of people are really into this fantasy, me, not so much. I did this as a lark, and because the graphics worked so well. It’s been very popular on DeviantArt, where I also post my StarTreKomics; indeed, they’re pining for similar posts, but I may only do one or two more if I can think of anything as funny. Otherwise, I’ll be sticking with the traditional Trek storyline. As to how so many people like to equate sex as the eventual outcome between friendly fictional characters, I think that’s just human nature. I mean, how often is the ‘sexual tension’ a selling point in fiction? The whole will-they-or-won’t-they? tension that it brings is always exciting. In the realms of fan fiction and art, it’s a given.

    • It’s not about sex. We “slash” fans dont have to ship every friendship. You do realize Star Trek is a 60’s tv show? There was no gays on tv. Us kirk x Spock shippers ships them because of theor friendship, they wasn’t in bed in the first episode and if Kirk or Spock was a girl, they would have been a coiple.

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  3. Hi Anonymous! From the examples of ‘slash art’ I had seen on DeviantArt, most of it was sexual, but as I said in my comment above, I can understand why ‘shippers’ might make K&S a gay couple. And yes, I know that Star Trek is a ’60’s show; I was 5 when it came out and have loved it ever since. I would have never considered K&S as lovers until I had heard about ‘slash’. And yes, I’m sure it’s not all sex, although some of it is. Yet although they were not written as gay characters, some people discovering TOS now might think they are, especially since it’s been promoted by many slash fans as such. It doesn’t really matter to me. All I can say is if if promotes more inspiration to the artist or writer, more power to them! Have you written or posted any Trek stories?

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