We heard from Heash!

Hey Kids, I just got a very nice surprise, a comment here from the Master of Ceremonies from the Star Trek Bi-Centennial-10 convention back in 1976!  That’s right — HEASH!  (a.k.a. Steve Lance).  So be sure to read the comment; Mr. Lance is looking for reminiscences of all the Star Trek Conventions he hosted in the 1970’s so he can get his memoirs written!  For all of you who ever attended, be sure to give him your ear!

You can read his comment and info here!

UPDATE:  12/9/12  I just heard from Steve Lance again, and if you or anyone you know has memories of being at the Star Trek Conventions he hosted (“Star Trek Lives” 1974 International Star Trek Convention; Star Trek 1975; Star Trek Bi-Centennial 10 (1976); Star Trek America; Star Trek Philadelphia ,1977) He wants to hear from you! Contact me here at trekkerscrapbook@gmail.com and I will forward the info to him! Thanks.


Steve Lance, a.k.a.”Heash” in 1976.

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