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My Weekly Spock: Happily Ever After-ing in Camelot

I found this great still from the 1973 stage version of Camelot.  I bet it was lovely (if heartbreaking for King Arthur)


My Weekly Spock: Camelot Cassanova

I just came across these great pics of Leonard during his time playing King Arthur in Camelot (1973).  Wish I could have seen this !  A classmate of mine back in 7th grade did see Nimoy in this show in Massachussetts — I was so jealous!  Love the alternate universe-ish goatee! (but real this time!)

Camelot Lot - CopyCamelot 1Camelot 2

My Weekly Spock: Enter Stage Left

Here’s some stage appearances from Mr. Nimoy, who did a lot of theater in the 1970’s.  I wish I could have seen one of these.  It looks like pure delight (and hard work) for the actor who loves theater like his own child.