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Metal Trek!

Have you seen this one?  Wonderful Metal renditions of the TOS and Next Generation Themes! By Guitar maestro, Eric Calderone!

I especially like the ripping toward the end — so spacey!

Bravo, Sir!

#70 ‘Let That Be Your Last Battlefield’

Unfortunately, too many cooks can’t save these cookies from burning. A sweet and mildly humorous take on a sad episode.  And modern chefs dress like Starfleet officers–Who Knew?

(Nine posters left to go!)

69 Let That be Your last battle

FArF: Star Trek ala Pixar! by Phil Postma

You know, these might just make a pretty funny Pixar movie!  From artist Phil Postma.  These are really quite brilliant (although I think Spock could have been a bit handsomer) — Kirk definitely has a Mr. Incredible vibe, and McCoy looks like Bob Parr’s nasty boss Gilbert Huph.  Uhura  and the Green Orion are definitely in the Mirage mode! The Romulan looks so bored,  I love these — Hey Pixar, THIS is you’re next movie (after Incredibles 2, of course!)  You can find these at Minion Factory. Bravo!


#68 ‘Wink of an Eye’

Here’s my latest!  The Scalosians certainly were pests, weren’t they?  I cheated here and used the Spock image from another episode (who can guess?) but it worked so well here! Note that I also slightly blurred the Scalosians — but not poor Compton!  Enjoy! -Therese

67 Wink of an Eye

#66 The Day of the Dove

I admit, growing up this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but watching it now, it has a delicious darkness about it.  Michael Ansara’s Kang is a sympathetic Klingon, and ever so cool.   I still think the end is kind of goofy, but in reality, wouldn’t it be nice if we could laugh away all our war and destruction?   Here’s to the pursuit of Peace.

65 day of the dove

FArFri: Spock by Jonathan A. Reincke

Here’s a beautiful watercolor of Spock by Jonathan A. Reincke  on Deviant Art.  I love the splatter of paint around the edges.


The Eyes Have It; The Cosmic Cosmetics of Trek

Jeepers Creepers! Apparently, Cover Girl and Maybelline still sell in the  23rd century!  You gotta give make up director Fred Phillips credit for creating truly cosmic eye make-up for the ladies (and many men) of TOS.  Here’s a review; be sure to click on thumbnails for full size image: