FArF: “Trinity. Trust Us. We’re Professionals” by Shazam26

For this week’s Fan Art, this is one crazy blend of 15 TOS episodes!  It’s ‘Trinity-Trust Us, We’re Professionals” by artist Shazam26. Can you name all 15 episodes? (Although I don’t recall Kirk ever having a six-pack!)


2 thoughts on “FArF: “Trinity. Trust Us. We’re Professionals” by Shazam26

  1. References I see so far: I found 16!
    1) Spock’s Goggles: Either Operation:Anihilate or Is There in Truth No Beauty?
    2) Spock’s green skin: Orion Slave girls from The Cage and/or Whom Gods Destroy
    3) Spock’s music scroll -Requiem for Methusalah
    4) Isis from Assignment: Earth
    5) Glowing Orb — Sargon from Return to Tomorrow
    6) Lirpa from Amok Time
    7) Kirk’s collar and harness from Gamesters of Triskellion
    8) Spock’s purple sash from Amok Time
    9) Flowers from The Apple
    10) A tribble from The Trouble with Tribbles
    11) Spock’s Harp, green tunic, and Laurel crown from “Plato’s Stepchildren”
    12) Kirk’s red legged gym pants from Charlie X
    13) McCoy’s spikey helmet from Spock’s Brain
    14) McCoy’s black suit and string tie from The Return of the Archons
    15) McCoy’s blue liquid from… ???
    16) The Baby Leonard James Akaar from Friday’s Child

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