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Remembering Leonard Today (pics)

Three years have flown by, but I often think how lucky we were to live in the same time as Leonard?  The smile, the eyes, the voice, the laugh. Very lucky indeed!  What a wonderful man; rest in peace ❤

My Weekly Spock: This Was a Happy Man

Reviewing pictures of Leonard — This was a happy man.  I mean, sure, we all have problems and can’t be happy all the time, but so often you can see the genuine joy Leonard possessed in many candids and portraits.


Joy at a personal appearance

He clearly  loved his work, his family, his fans, and his life.  His smile was infectious and images of him laughing or smiling always bring me joy!


Joyous to be Spock again in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

newspaperboys club

Happy reminiscing as a former paperboy at a Boston function. (1960’s)

#66 The Day of the Dove

I admit, growing up this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but watching it now, it has a delicious darkness about it.  Michael Ansara’s Kang is a sympathetic Klingon, and ever so cool.   I still think the end is kind of goofy, but in reality, wouldn’t it be nice if we could laugh away all our war and destruction?   Here’s to the pursuit of Peace.

65 day of the dove

My Weekly Spock: He Loves to Laugh

I always love to see pictures of Leonard laughing –it’s a deep, powerful laugh, and always genuine! You can hear it now…

10881523_10205423871778435_8571989940267223815_n fffb1de888c58c66ec9eb76562f29404 laugh 2 laugh 3 tumblr_leoc1fCFNX1qfd6ajo1_500 tumblr_lbw8ia30dF1qac0gjLeonard_Nimoy_laugh_4f378d9f741f5c2889b5b74917ff981d

FArFri: Kirk by Kingscraft

For today’s Fan Art Friday we have this great sketch of Kirk laughing from artist Kingscraft.  Love that dashing man!