FArF: The PEOPLE Magazine Cover that Leonard Deserved!

For this week’s Fan Art, I created what I think would be a much better cover tribute to Leonard for this week’s People Magazine.   I think Leonard was short-shifted in memory in the actual magazine cover that looks like this (and to add injury to insult, Kim Kardashian is on the cover,ugh!)   For Heaven’s sake People Magazine – what’s up with that???

People as it should be

I was hoping that Entertainment Weekly or even TV Guide would offer a better tribute cover, but no, he’s practically a speck on the cover! (or should I say, barely a Spock?)  It’s like he’s an afterthought — for shame!  I hope you all complain to them.  Here’s hoping they put out a tribute issue (I’m sure they will).

* A FAIR UPDATE:  I just got my issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail, and yes, even though his photo is postage stamp size on the cover, there’s a full page pic of him contents page, a very nice tribute article on pg. 28, and in this week’s Bullseye page, Nimoy is in center with the words “Permission to mourn freely, Sir?”  (*sniff!*) They did a good job.  I’m sure the other mags have nice  tributes too– and I’ll probably post them here too.  Sorry I was grouchy, but I’m still glad I made my own version of the People cover!

Here’s the actual three covers for the three magazines: nkpg6y-aston

ew tv guide