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Trekonderoga Part II: Larry Marvick finds Miranda! (The Wonderful David Frankham)

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One of my favorite moments of visiting ‘Trekonderoga’ recently was the meeting most delightful and friendly actor David Frankham, who memorably played the ill-fated Larry Marvick from TOS episode Is There in Truth No Beauty? David and his friend, (actor, … Continue reading

Jim Kirk’s Gal-A -Day Calendar!

Made this a while back…  In reviewing Kirk’s many loves, I thought it would be fun to update his monthly calendar…

Jim Kirks Gal-A-Day Calendar


Toon Tuesday “Federation Bachelorette”

bachelorette…So Kirk is thinking “You know you want me, baby!”

Spock is thinking “I am the logical choice.”

Poor Larry is sweating ” I LOVE YOU, MIRANDA!”

Sulu is just “Uh, Why am I here?”

And Ambassador Kollos knows he has it in the bag!