That Nimoy Collage, and the Catharsis of a Fall.

Gee, making my 90 Birthday Tribute to Mr. Nimoy is taking longer than I thought! I’m still combing through and choosing a million images to format into the piece! So many good pictures, and I find it a bit harder to get it all together. Maybe this is because I think I’m more emotionally invested in Mr. Nimoy that I ever was in Shatner. you know? Patience my friends!

Hope you’re al having a lovely spring week and getting some fresh air! Oh how I love Spring!

Spring is a time of rebirth and reflection. Yet, as I turn 60 at the end of this month, that milestone surely puts one’s time into perspective. As Michelangelo said “There is no greater harm than that of time wasted.”

Scanning the many images of Mr. Nimoy I’ve found, I can see that he nary let a moment go by wasted. Cliche as it may seem, life does seem to pass ever faster for me now. Just when I was getting used to being in my 50s too! I try to make my days useful and active, and I am determined to never take my health for granted. Speaking of which…

As I mentioned recently, I had taken an awful fall a few weeks ago, on Palm Sunday. And as I am pushing this birth milestone, it put me in mind of my own mortality. Here’s what happened:

I had been taking a lovely walk around town, taking lots of pictures of local sites and the industrial area around the old IBM complex here in Endicott NY. But only blocks from home my toe just hit some raised sidewalk and I could see myself falling in slow-motion. Tried to catch myself but to no use, and at the last second, my left temple hit the cement pavement. (Damn!) I rolled onto my back to catch my breath.

Thankfully, I was conscious throughout the whole ordeal, and, as good people are, within minutes two wonderful young men pulled over and helped me through the scary moments. There was Joey, who called my home, and Kyle, who had been in the military and knew all the right questions to ask and advice on what to watch for in the next 24 hours. So thankful for my ‘street angels’. They kept me calm until my family arrived.

An amazing ‘goose-egg’ evolved on my temple within minutes. About two inches big. My son drove me home to wash up then straight to the walk-in which was pretty much empty because of Covid. I had been wearing my mask the whole time, and had had my second vaccination a few weeks earlier, so I wasn’t too concerned. The fact that I was awake through the whole ordeal assured me that I didn’t have a concussion, which was the greatest of my fears. The goose egg lessened over the next few days, but boy, did I have a big purple-donut black eye that lasted just over two weeks. There’s just a tiny black and blue left as I write this; isn’t the human body grand?

As many of you know, I am not a constant blogger here; I usually post 3-4 times a month or less. I like posting about old Trek, making funny collages,and such. In many ways, my art and collages are a bit of a catharsis for me; they make me happy and if I make you smile, that’s good for me! I’ll be posting other interests too, like Old Movies, Costumes, Photography, Crafting, Some Pop Culture, and Travel. Not to mention a good book or two!

I hope I’m lucky to be around in 30 years when I hit 90! Sadly, Mr. Nimoy was taken too soon, but a life well lived carries on in hearts around the world. Meanwhile Shatner seems to be aging in reverse and I have to commend him for being one of the strongest Nonagenarians I know of; as well as beloved David Frankham! (95!)

So while I assemble my Nimoy collage, you may see things here off and on that have nothing to do with Trek, but hey, variety is the spice of Life! I’ll be posting those pre-stumble and fall pictures here shortly. Love to all, Therese. xo

Relax Spock, I’ll be okay!

(GALLERY) Elf on a Shelf -Trek Style! The Finale! #’s 8,9,10,11,12 and So On!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! Sending you ALL the rest of my silly Trek-Style Dad-Joke Elf on a Shelves for your Holidays, as well as all the ones posted already! (I can’t believe I’ve made 20 of these!) Love you All and Wishing you a very happy, blessed and safe Christmas and New Years! Please let me know which are your favorites! See you in January! Hugs, Stay safe! – Therese xo

Corona Virus Advice from Star Trek

And now, a Public Service Announcement from

My Dear Friends and Fellow Trek Fans, We are going through a bizarre, somewhat surreal time in our world right now. I know you are all aware of the Corona Virus which causes COVID-19. There is no doubt that is very scary, and we are all stressed from worrying and preparing for it.

Although we cannot predict how long this will last or if we ourselves will be infected, I hope and pray that all reading this are taking precautions to prevent the spread of this malady, and that our families and friends will stay healthy and well.

We wonder how to keep ourselves occupied without our regular daytime activities, yet this pandemic also offers us a rare chance at simpler lives; taking time to enjoy our families at home, catching up on books and home chores and projects. In this creative spirit, I patched together the collage below, advising us on Corona Virus, as presented by some old pals 😉 You may share this but please be sure to credit me 🙂 Enjoy.

Today is the first day of Spring, and we will be reborn, it will just be a bit later. Kirk and Company would take this head on, as we can. Stay happy, stay strong, be logical. The Human Spirit is our strength. God Bless you all, and LLAP!

Trekonderoga Part II: Larry Marvick finds Miranda! (The Wonderful David Frankham)

One of my favorite moments of visiting ‘Trekonderoga’ recently was the meeting most delightful and friendly actor David Frankham, who memorably played the ill-fated Larry Marvick from TOS episode Is There in Truth No Beauty? David and his friend, (actor, illustrator, writer and composer) Jonathan David Dixon, came all the way from New Mexico to be at the con, and what a treat for all of us!

Not too long ago, David’s sleek grey black and burgundy suit from Star Trek was sold at auction, and who should have bought it, but James Cawley, the mastermind and operator of The Star Trek Original Set Tour in Ticonderoga! James invited David to join in this year’s convention and David was all in. Especially if he got to wear his costume again just once! He even slimmed down 18 lbs to fit into it again! (Gee, how many senior actors can fit into a costume they wore 51 years ago?) I applaud David on his ambition and as you can see, he looks marvelous here! (Miranda, you fool!) James posted this fantastic picture of David! He said it felt a little surreal to be on the set in costume, but what a thrill!

David Frankham in his original Larry Marvick Costume, August 22, 2019.
Photo provided by James Cawley.

I had friended David on Facebook about a year ago when I read a lovely article he wrote about being a boy in England during World War II. I had told him of my Father’s Army service which had taken him to England, and also (of course) that I was a Trekkie. I’d been following him ever since, and when I found out he was coming to my home state, I had to be there!

David did not disappoint. Waiting out front of The Star Trek Original Series tour with my son Matt and my friends Bobbie and Bill, I was wearing my Miranda Jones costume, and when David emerged from their car, and I hear a voice say ‘There she is!” and Bill caught this fun pic of us meeting: David said “Miranda!” and I think I said something like “I’m back Larry!” We shared a big hug; it was joy at first sight.

We visited in the parking lot for a short while before he went in, and he kindly let us take some pictures with him. And David has special method of having his picture taken; he had us bow our heads while Jonathan counted to three then pop his head up with a big ‘surprised’ smile, we cracked up a lot over that, but hey, it works!

Top Row: Meeting David, Wait a minute! 2nd Row: Jonathan Dixon Davis, David, and my son Matt having a good laugh and posing, David with our friend Bill, 3rd Row: David and Bobbie “count 3” while a Redshirt gives a perfect photo-bomb!, David and Bobbie, David and Me!

Later we visited a bit again while waiting for his presentation (see below) . The eager fans got to enjoy David recall his life in Movies and TV, and he has has a long and remarkably charmed career! From being a Host/Interviewer at the BBC, to movies like Ten Who Dared and the voice of Sgt. Tibbs in 101 Dalmations, to Classic TV like The Outer Limits and The Beverly Hillbillies, David has seen it all. David recalled many of his adventures, and of course we all couldn’t wait to hear of his time on Star Trek!

He admitted that up until recently he had never watched the full episode of Truth… only watching until his character Larry died! But he did watch the full episode recently and told us he really enjoyed the performances by Leonard Nimoy and Diana Muldaur, whom he noted were very professional and a delight to work with. He also mentioned that when he first came on the set, George Takei, in costume as Sulu, greeted him on the bridge set with a handshake and said “Hello David, Welcome to the Enterprise!” He said he had never had a lovelier welcome on any other series.

He reveled in telling his recollections and delightedly referred to friend Jonathan as his “external memory drive” to give him a hint when he needed it, but for a man of 93, David is as lucid as we all hope to be at that age! Best of all, he is still working in the business, his most recent project being the incredible stop action animation short film House of Seven Gables, where he voiced the narrator (who looks remarkably like him!) and Jonathan wrote the music for and also voiced the character of Mr. Holgrave. And if you’d like to read more about David, there is an excellent autobiography Which One Was David? by David Frankham and Jim Hollifield.

David’s talk just lit up the room. What a great pleasure to meet and hear him (with his lovely British accent, I might add 🙂 ) And David it was a pleasure to finally meet you and I really hope you can come back next year! ( Lunch on me!) God Bless You, Live Long and Prosper, and looking forward to your next adventure! love, Therese 🙂

Saturday at TreKonderoga! Pt. 1 Cosplayers!

Hi Everyone!  Last Saturday (August 24) I had the pleasure of going to the great annual  Star Trek convention in upstate NY known as ‘Trekonderoga”!   This was my second year at the event, and I had a fun time.

This year’s guests were David Frankham  (Larry Marvick in  Is There in Truth No Beauty?), Robin Curtis (Saavik in Star Trek III and IV), Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax of Deep Space Nine) and Ethan Peck (Spock in Star Trek: Discovery).   I was so happy to meet with all these wonderful actors, and especially David Frankham, who is one of the most active 93-year old actors you’ll ever meet, and a total delight!

This was the second TreKonderoga I’ve been to, (the cons began 5 years ago) and I suspect I’ll go to it again next year (usually in August).  The event is based around the year-round attraction that is  Star Trek Original Series Tour, where its creator, James Cawley, has totally recreated the complete and original Star Trek set which was used in the fan series Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II.   If you’re ever in the area, check out the tour, it truly takes you back in time, it might even make you a little weepy with joy!

I’ll be writing several posts here about each of the actors and events, but for now, enjoy these great cosplayers!  These fans brought their game, and it’s lovely!