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Wideo Wednesday: George Takei on The Colbert Report

In case you missed it — Here’s a funny reference to StarTrek episode of  A Taste of Armageddon on The Colbert Report by a great guest appearance by George Takei!

Colbert Report – Two Bad Inventions! Baby I-Pads and Potty Chairs

Had to share this —Probably the two WORST baby inventions EVER. Baby seats and potty chairs that incorporate I-Pads! At this rate, the next generation will all turn into the obese layabout cruise ship inhabitants in WALL-e! This is so wrong (Colbert makes it funny in it’s inanity). If future generations only look at I-Pads and spout corporate logos, we’re in trouble. I really hope these don’t catch on.

(For those of you unfamiliar , Stephen Colbert is a very funny American comedian who portrays a conservative news reporter on his fake news show “The Colbert Report”. His ‘Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger’ segments hilariously skewer American lifestyles).


New TreKomic — “Brow Beaten”

A new StarTreKomic!  Click on image to see full size, and please check here for all the other StarTreKomics!  Enjoy!  -Therese