My New Spock Video! “Them There Eyes” – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Hey Kids!

I’ve have had an idea to make a Spock/Nimoy tribute for a long time! (long before he passed).  When I first heard this song by the great Billie Holiday, I thought it would be perfect backdrop for Spock’s beautiful brown eyes.  I’ve combined clips of Mr. Nimoy as Spock and as Paris to make this little tribute. I hope it will bring joy to all who loved him.

It’s called Them There Eyes – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015.                 Enjoy, Thank you!


Toon Tuesday “Flirt”

After going through all those costume pictures yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how often Nimoy was caught with impish, slightly flirty looks on his face, hence my inspiration here…


There’s an awful lot of stills of Kirk looking at Spock with great admiration too, yeah, I think Kirk found Spock cute too…thereturnofthearchonshd676 🙂 (can’t blame him there)