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My Weekly Spock: Paris Turned Up!

Funny thing, I was going through my old photo files and came across these pictures I took of my old TV back in 2008 — apparently when I was watching a rerun of Mission: Impossible! There’s Paris in his Magician garb! Had to share! (I wonder what channel this was? That looks like a daisy logo) .  Ah the last days of analog…


My New Spock Video! “Them There Eyes” – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Hey Kids!

I’ve have had an idea to make a Spock/Nimoy tribute for a long time! (long before he passed).  When I first heard this song by the great Billie Holiday, I thought it would be perfect backdrop for Spock’s beautiful brown eyes.  I’ve combined clips of Mr. Nimoy as Spock and as Paris to make this little tribute. I hope it will bring joy to all who loved him.

It’s called Them There Eyes – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015.                 Enjoy, Thank you!