FArFri: Some Silliness by artist simengt

Recently I’ve come across these silly and often bizarre but very funny Trek toons by South Korean artist simengt.  Sometimes the comics are based on actual episodes:


Sometimes she makes up situations:


And quite often, characters change gender:

st___arm_hair_by_simengt-d4gmt9c st___amok_day_by_simengt-d4hyycy

Her style is somewhere between Chibi and Ren and Stimpy, (especially in the distorted histrionics)  but it’s all fun! Keep up the good work!

Happy 75th Patrick Stewart!

Today was the 75th birthday of beloved Trek TNG actor Patrick Stewart!   I love this guy!  Not only a great asset to Star Trek, but a marvelous Shakespearean actor and just a wonderful human being!  It’s so easy to think of him as serious characters as Captain Picard and Professor Charles Xavier, but in reality he’s proven many times just how un-serious he is! Bless you on your Birthday Sir Patrick, and may you Live Long and Prosper!



(And check out this song and dance tribute from Patrick to Gene Roddenberry! )