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My Weekly Spock: Come Fly With Me!

Many of you probably know that Leonard was a licensed pilot and owned a Piper for short trips — Let’s fly away!

flying 2 flying 1plane with glassesfile-27th-feb-2015-leonard-nimoy-the-actor-who-won-a-global-following-EGNB6T

Wideo Wednesday: Assignment: Earth- Two Opening Sequences — If Only!

These two videos were brought to my attention by reader “Supervisor 194” (David Thomas) who created these two splendid opening sequences to the series that never was:  Assignment: EarthI love the music to these; the first being the original arrangement, and the second, a jazzier, ’70’s version.

I think Assignment: Earth would have made a wonderful series.  A lot of people see Gary Seven as an American version of Dr. Who, and I can see that quite easily.  Now if only someone in Hollywood would make this  real — I think Benedict Cumberbatch would made a fine Seven!

My Weekly Spock: Right Side

Sorry I’m late this week Kids! Getting very busy with work!  Here’s some smooth Leonard for you, let’s just get on his ‘right’ side.  🙂


# 56 Assignment: Earth

Ah Gary Seven! One of the few characters who could equal Spock’s coolness in the original series. Loved Teri Garr and Robert Lansing here (and the cat too!)  I’m really sorry this teaser/pilot disguised as a Star Trek episode wasn’t made into a regular series; I think it would have been fun!

I wonder if there is any Gary Seven fan fiction out there?  I think Bryan Cranston would make an excellent Seven in a reboot!

56-Assignment Earth

Wideo Wednesday: Star Trek 2nd Pilot Intro – Unaired Version

If you haven’t seen this, it’s pretty neat! Different dialogue for the opening.  Taken from a 16mm print!