Some Rare Fantastic Arlene Martel (T’Pring) Pictures!

Hey All!

Finally getting back into posting after a couple of very busy months between work and being sick!  (I’m feeling great today!)

My friend Karen found these fantastic candid photos of actress Arlene Martel prepping for her role as T’Pring in Amok Time, as well as a secondary promo pic of she and Leonard (they look thisclose to kissing!)  I’m including the more common promo shot of T’Pring and Spock glancing at each other too)   What a find!  I can never get enough of rare TOS shots!  She’s just adorable as she shows off her ears and wig! Lovely Arlene <3  Missed.

My Weekly Spock: Rare Color Make Up Pics

Turning into Spock isn’t easy!   Here’s some rare color stills of Leonard during and after makeup.  In the regular lighting, you can see how thick the pancake was.  Spock should have dressed in a button down shirt all the time 🙂

The shirt he’s wearing is his own, but very similar to the one he wore in The City on the Edge of Forever.


FArFri – Real Men Fear Not-by shazam26

Kirk__Spock__McCoy___REAL_MEN_by_shazam26I thought this was pretty funny — See, even the Enterprise Men need a little sprucing up in the morning to retain their fabulous-ness!   As the artist describes on DeviantArt:



(The boys of the Enterprise would like to offer a friendly reminder: that although they get up rather early in the morning to perfect their hairstyles, get on their make up, and enjoy their share of flamboyant attire, they’ll still boss you around, make you feel supid and then kick your ass- be it a spine punch, a neck pinch… or a good old fashioned hypo. You have been warned.”

This also reminds me of a scene from a famous blooper reel where De, Bill, Leonard and James pretended to shave with their phasers!  Have a nice weekend , Everyone!