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My Weekly Spock: Some Archival Goodness…

I found some great archival stuff for this week: First, what appears to be a collection of some Trek/Nimoy goodness from a teenager’s bedroom wall in 1967, then a detail of the movie magazine article “My Other Life” below. (Don’t you love the first person narrative there? No doubt written by someone else!)   I don’t know it there’s more to that article, but if I find more, you’ll see it here.  I love finding Nimoy stuff in old teen magazines.  You’ll also note there’s some badly colorized pictures here from the Trek set (T’Pring in Red!)  Enjoy!  il_570xN.448926119_g008 887d49c2a79df9a8057588de438aec75

My Weekly Spock: 7/22/13 Smilin’ Sixties Nimoy!

I would have called this week’s column “Smilin’ Sixties Spock” for the alliteration, but he’s just himself here. (Hard not to smile when he had a steady job for the first time in his career!) Keep Smiling! And as Nimoy said
“Get Involved!”

smile 1 smile 2 smile 3