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Wideo Wednesday: California Dreamin’

It’s cold outside (12) — I’m dreaming of warmer weather!  Wishing you warmth wherever you are! 🙂

My Weekly Spock: Rare Color Make Up Pics

Turning into Spock isn’t easy!   Here’s some rare color stills of Leonard during and after makeup.  In the regular lighting, you can see how thick the pancake was.  Spock should have dressed in a button down shirt all the time 🙂

The shirt he’s wearing is his own, but very similar to the one he wore in The City on the Edge of Forever.


My Weekly Spock -If I Were a Carpenter…

Leonard at his handyman best! Found these on the net, I obviously do not own.  But aren’t these great?  🙂  He can build me a cabinet anytime! I wonder what article these came from?  (Winston, you know a lot about this stuff, clues?)

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My Weekly Spock: Some Archival Goodness…

I found some great archival stuff for this week: First, what appears to be a collection of some Trek/Nimoy goodness from a teenager’s bedroom wall in 1967, then a detail of the movie magazine article “My Other Life” below. (Don’t you love the first person narrative there? No doubt written by someone else!)   I don’t know it there’s more to that article, but if I find more, you’ll see it here.  I love finding Nimoy stuff in old teen magazines.  You’ll also note there’s some badly colorized pictures here from the Trek set (T’Pring in Red!)  Enjoy!  il_570xN.448926119_g008 887d49c2a79df9a8057588de438aec75

My Weekly Spock: 7/22/13 Smilin’ Sixties Nimoy!

I would have called this week’s column “Smilin’ Sixties Spock” for the alliteration, but he’s just himself here. (Hard not to smile when he had a steady job for the first time in his career!) Keep Smiling! And as Nimoy said
“Get Involved!”

smile 1 smile 2 smile 3