Wideo Wednesday: Assignment: Earth- Two Opening Sequences — If Only!

These two videos were brought to my attention by reader “Supervisor 194” (David Thomas) who created these two splendid opening sequences to the series that never was:  Assignment: EarthI love the music to these; the first being the original arrangement, and the second, a jazzier, ’70’s version.

I think Assignment: Earth would have made a wonderful series.  A lot of people see Gary Seven as an American version of Dr. Who, and I can see that quite easily.  Now if only someone in Hollywood would make this  real — I think Benedict Cumberbatch would made a fine Seven!

3 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday: Assignment: Earth- Two Opening Sequences — If Only!

  1. I was just thinking about this episode today and thought, damn, Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect in the role of Gary Seven, should have made the last movie about this character if they wanted to bring someone back, wow, just think of how much better that movie would have been.

    • I hear you, David — I was hoping that Cumberbatch’s character was another Gary– Gary Mitchell, from ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ I think that would have made STID a hell of a lot more original. But yeah, Benedict would have made a great Gary Seven too. 🙂

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