5 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock -If I Were a Carpenter…

  1. What I would say is how brilliant the resolution is on these. I’ve seen the top on but only as a very grainy old magasine pic. I don’t know which one, though Christine who runs Beyondspock could probably tell you. Another of those endless ‘I’m a very private person and never allow my children to be photographed except in the one million photoshoots at home’!

  2. I find a little on http://www.leonardnimoy.de/ about woodworking, he was in a TV movie, “Never Forget”, “A scene in his office – he’s running a woodwork business – shows that Mel does not seem to be the typical fighter.”
    Site also has “The Real Nimoy” article: “Woodworking takes a great deal of my free time (it gives me a kick to work with my hands around the house), and tropical fish and photography are my two other hobbies. I enjoy fishing and haul out my hook-and-line whenever the mood seizes me.”

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