Toon Tuesday “Wrong Number”

We’ve all been there! Grrrrr!

Sorry Wrong Number

10 responses to “Toon Tuesday “Wrong Number”

  1. Wonderful choice of pic – he looks so pissed off!


  2. Great screenshot you chose for this one — not only is he holding a communicator, but he looks appropriately annoyed!


  3. Exactly! And it’s exactly how I feel when I get one!


  4. Is this a good example of the cross-section of your followers? I said he looked pissed off. Corylea said he looks appropriately annoyed. Hmmmm


  5. Have you noticed the scene in City on the Edge of Forever, where the tramp jostles him in the place they eat? He looks VERY – appropriately annoyed!!


  6. Do you mean when they sit at the table or when the other trap walks between them at the end of the scene?


  7. When the tramp walks between them


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