My Weekly Spock 1/20/14 -Nimoy in Patchwork on Mike Douglas (PHOTOS)

Hey Kids, I’m back!  Feeling much better now, thanks for your patience. Now, here as promised a while back – a bunch of nice stills from Leonard’s appearance on The Mike Douglas Show in 1973– in that glorious blue denim patchwork suit! Pretty “in-your-face”, really! Douglas himself , in his awful brown polyester, is in awe of it. And you can see that he gets “the ear question” from little Mason as he motions around his famous ears!
Enjoy, and good to be back, Therese

8 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock 1/20/14 -Nimoy in Patchwork on Mike Douglas (PHOTOS)

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Therese!

    I remember wearing an orange polyester miniskirt in 1975 and thinking I looked good in it … the fashion choices of yesteryear always seem to look like insanity, once enough time has passed. Compared to my orange polyester mini, the patchwork denim suit actually looks pretty good (though maybe that’s because it has Mr. Nimoy in it. 😉 )

    • Thanks Cory! Orange Polyester — You just summed up the 70’s in two words! I’ll have to make a 70’s section on here — and you just gave me the name for that category! Hope it your skirt didn’t melt when you got too close to a radiator! 😉

  2. He sure can wear it well! Orange polyester miniskirt doesn’t sound too bad compared to my fashion crimes. A child of the 60’s. You can imagine:-(

    • Okay, now I definitely have to do a section on 70’s fashion crimes!
      But what astonishes me about Nimoy’s patchwork here is that it makes him look even taller and his legs even spindle-e-r! And is it me, or is that an exceptionally long jacket? Looks almost like a dandy length.

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