Wideo Wednesday – Remembering Peter Seeger

Pete’s famous banjo – it reads “This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender.”

Sad to see that the compassionate folk singer Pete Seeger passed away on Monday.  He was always one of my favorite performers and a truly great American.  Pete lived strong every day of his 94 years, performing to the end, and never missing an opportunity to speak out for justice for the common man.  He gave hope to what we’ve been, and what we can become.  I hope his legacy of  compassion will endure and grow in future generations, and remind people that it is never wrong to question authority.  Pete often asked his audience to sing along, and sometimes we all need to sing, it makes our world a better place. Feel free to sing along with some of these, his most revered works.  Farewell Pete, and Thank You.   <3

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?                                                                   

We Shall Overcome

Here’s a great recording of my favorite, If I Had a Hammer                            

Goodnight Irene (with The Weavers)

The iconic – Turn Turn Turn (famously covered by The Byrds)                   

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