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Hello Everyone! Welcome to Newbies!

oh myWell, well, it seems my viewership here has grown exponentially since yesterday!  I just want to take a moment to say Hi and thanks to all my new subscribers and for your wonderful comments here!

I started this blog in 2011, and have filled it with my clippings, anecdotes and art related to the original series of Star Trek.  So far I have posted entries from my three original Star Trek scrapbooks (hence the blog title) that I collected in the 1970’s.  I do have a fourth scrapbook somewhere but haven’t found it yet!  You may have noticed that my blog is somewhat Spock/Nimoy centric 😉 , since I’ve been in love with the man for 40 years now!  I hope you’re enjoying it and I hope you will explore the many different categories. I am especially fond of my original ‘StarTreKomics‘ that I post from time to time, and I also have been working on a series of Star Trek Posters that present the original 79 episodes as old style movie posters, among other things.  There is also ‘My Weekly Spock’ segment every Monday that presents one or  photos of Nimoy as Spock, himself, or as the many other characters he’s played. (for more pics, see my original version ‘My Daily Spock‘)  Often on Wednesdays I have Wideo Wednesday where I post a fun video of whatever strikes my fancy (sometimes Trek) Every Friday I have FArFri, which stands for ‘Fan Art Friday’ where I  showcase the unique and marvelous Star Trek art I have found on the net.

Of course I have many interests outside of Star Trek, (see categories on right) and they get mentioned here from time to time. If you should need any more info about me, just click on the “ABOUT” link at the top of the page. (where you’ll see a silly 20 year old picture of me in my home-made Trek uniform!) If needed, you can also Contact me here.  Keep those cards comments and letters e-mails coming!

BTW, I produce this blog in the most old fashioned of ways — on my Desktop Computer with an old IBM keyboard!  I have a fun time  posting and creating, and nice way to say “Hi!” to Trek fans from all over.  Of course, I don’t post every day, and am very busy with my work and family, but if I can bring a little smile to you, my work is done!  Knowing that anyone even reads this is a pleasure to me, Enjoy, and I wish you all Peace and Long Life! -Therese 🙂

The Daily Scrapbook 10/5/12

Here’s today’s flashback:   In the upper corner is a portion of a magazine ad for Nimoy’s first book of poetry, You And I.  He  was really starting to branch out creatively in this period, poetry, photography and stage acting kept him busy, along with occasional game shows and guest appearances on shows like Columbo. The reason the ad was truncated was because the photo (of only Nimoy from the neck up) gave the impression that he wasn’t wearing a shirt (!) Somehow this embarrassed me, and I cut out the bottom section of the ad and kept the rest.    Maybe it was my Catholic upbringing, but I guess I didn’t want my Mom to see this ‘flagrant’ display of sensuality, lest she take away all my Trek stuff!  Silly me.  I’ll have to see if I can find a full copy of the ad somewhere, it really wasn’t a big deal.   Next to and beneath the ad is another paragraph about the possible Trek movie, and another chunk of of another Trek article.
And then these are 6 stamps that I bought at the Star Trek Bi-Centennial 10 Convention in 1976 with the familiar logo ‘Star Trek Lives” and Support Star Trek on each, with a dollar bill style portrait of a crew member on each.   Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, and Chekov.   How could they forget Sulu?  Unless having six made it mathematically easier to print.  I had a about 20 of these in a half page, but stuck most of them on notebooks and such.  Glad I saved these six–wonder if anyone else has them?  Note: The actual stamps measure only 3/4″ by 1 1/4″, but they were scanned here for better detail. Also, on the original scrapbook page, they’re arranged differently, but here I lined them up.  Nice, huh?   More scrapbook stuff on Monday!