Actress, Trek Guest Star, Sarah Marshall (Dr. Janet Wallace) Passes

I just read that actress Sarah Marshall passed away on January 18th.  Trekkies remember her as Dr. Janet Wallace in the Star Trek episode The Deadly Years. Another of her famous roles was as the mother in the classic, suspenseful Twilight Zone episode “Little Girl Lost”Born in Britain, Ms. Wallace made her film debut in The Long Hot Summer.  As Janet Wallace on Trek, she flirted and fretted over the rapidly aging Captain Kirk, and I admire her for wearing what have been an awfully uncomfortable burlap pink and yellow pantsuit in that episode!

Alas, she was only 80, and sadly died from stomach cancer. She’s survived by her husband and son.  May she rest in peace.   l leave you with these stills of this lovely actress.


Film Debut in The Long Hot Summer


Sarah, with actor Robert Sampson in “Little Girl Lost” on The Twilight Zone


Publicity Still, 1961


As Dr. Janet Wallace, in Star Trek (The Deadly Years)

thedeadlyyearshd0209 thedeadlyyearshd0233 thedeadlyyearshd0235

One response to “Actress, Trek Guest Star, Sarah Marshall (Dr. Janet Wallace) Passes

  1. Just watched her in an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”. She was remarkably attractive even beyond her looks.


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