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The Daily Scrapbook: 5/22/13 “Film Quarterly, Films in Review

Here’s today’s flashback — from Winter 78-79, a  cover of a Film Quartely Magaine, featuring Nimoy and Jeff Goldblum from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and a portion of an article called “Of Black Holes…”  from Film Reviews (I can’t find the rest of it) regarding ST:TMP.


The Daily Scrapbook 5/21/13 (Summer 1979) A Paramount Pictures Newsletter

Here’s today’s flashback:  I had forgotten about this — An actual newsletter from Paramount Pictures promoting Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  With an interview with Gene Roddenberry,  color photos and lots of hype, it is especially excited about Persis Khambatta, “the olive-skinned beauty” from India with “a clear shot at big-time stardom”.   Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out for Persis like that; she made a few forgettable films, was passed over for the (very bland) Maude Adams in Octopussy,  and sadly died of a heart attack much too young at 49 in 1996. Hollywood (until recently) often snubs many fine actors associated with Star Trek and Persis was yet another casualty. A  great shame too, she could have been the Angelina Jolie of the ’80’s.


Note Nimoy’s backward picture, probably to balance out the format of the page.


Toon Tuesday 5/21/13 The Secret of Vulcan Longevity…

I’ll take coffee with Spock anytime (and I hate coffee!)

Live Long and Coffee

The Daily Scrapbook 5/20/13 -Old Fashioned Marketing by Mail

Here’s today’s flashback:  From September of 1979, a flyer from Pocket Books heralding all the new Star Trek merchandise. You see, in the before time of no internet, one would be on something called ‘a mailing list’. Surprisingly, there are no flashy graphics here, just a basic list. Pocket smelled money…

V3-03-A copy V3-03-B

My Weekly Spock 5/20/13 Stand and Stare…More Publicity Shots


The Stare


Just think of your agent


I was envious of Nichelle here…


I remember having a magazine pin-up of this exact shot, but I accidentally left it in the copier at the post office…


Your move.


Seriously what are they doing with those stage lights?

The basic stage direction for most of these shots was “Just stand dramatically and stare…” I wonder what was going through their heads while posing, and if they ever cracked up while trying to appear so serious!

FArFri — 5/17/13 Vulcan Neck Rub

It’s been a long week of Spring cleaning for me,  I need a neck Vulcan Neck Rub byrub! “Vulcan Neck Rub” by oxboxer on DeviantArt

(I love Spock’s annoyed expression)

The Daily Scrapbook 5/17/13 -Planetariums, Trek, and Vincent.

Here’s today’s flashback:  A planetarium program a relative sent me from Rochester – notable because Leonard Nimoy narrates one of the shows (highlighted).  (With that rich voice and “alien” background, Nimoy did a lot of voice work, usually for something related to space or mystery)   A mention of In Search Of… meeting Vincent Van Gogh, and a snippet mentioning how Star Trek is still popular in it’s common syndicated time-slot of 6-7p.m. (My mom hated me bringing my dinner into the living room to watch Trek (ah, the days before DVRs!)