My Weekly Spock: At the Premiere of ST:TMP

This week marks the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (and let the franchise begin!)  Here’s a rare shot of Leonard and Bill at the premiere that was held in (interestingly enough) Washington D.C.!  The tuxes really reflect their personalities; Disco Bill is in his ruffles while Suave Leonard in in his traditional, fine tailored threads.  Marcy and Sandy look sweet too!

True, the movie may have not been the best, but I’m glad they had a fun night!

79 trek premiere

The Daily Scrapbook 5/14/13 Rare Comic Strip John Darling featuring Leonard Nimoy!

Here’s today’s flashback: from November 15-17th 1979, a now defunct daily comic strip featuring an inept, egotistical TV Talk show star, John Darling and his assortment of guests.  Darling was a spin-off from the comic Funky Wunderbean and ran from 1979-1990.   Nimoy appeared in two strips here, and, as in real life, he just doesn’t get the full respect from the media beyond being known as ‘ Mr. Spock’.  Oddly, he’s portrayed as a left-hander here too.


The Daily Scrapbook: 5/2/13 (January 1979) TIME Magazine: New Treat for Trekkies

Here’s today’s flashback:  From TIME Magazine, a preview of ST:TMP, with speculation and a surprising amount of plot points. A photo of gorgeous Persis, of course, and a mention of how the monster in the film looks like “electrically charged whipped cream”!  I admit, even these tidbits made me concerned that it just wouldn’t be the Trek I was hoping for. (Granted, that Trek Movie wouldn’t happen for another 30 years!)


The Daily Scrapbook 4/29/13 -January 1979 Nimoy article from US magazine

Here’s today’s flashback: from January 1979, a rare article from Us Magazine (the rival to People) about Nimoy somewhat literally spreading his wings,and apparently still fighting the Spock Identification.  As usual, the author  of this piece has little respect Spock or Trek, describing Spock as ‘green-skinned and bat-eared’

V2-029A V2-029B