My Weekly Spock–50 Years of Mister Spock!

Of course, Star Trek did not make its debut until September 8, 1966, but Leonard Nimoy has been playing Mr. Spock since filming the pilot of  The Cage in 1964!

Leonard, Congratulations on embodying and evolving such a charming, cool, lovable, and enduring character for all these years.  The world is a happier place because of Mr. Spock!  Spock will endure forever.  Thank you, and may you and he truly Live Long and Prosper!   😀




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My Weekly Spock: 7/8/13 — Trek Photocall from 2009 by Gallo

I came across these splendid pictures from photographer Armando Gallo on Fanpop, and they’re so well taken you can almost hear the conversation during the shoot!  This was a Star Trek photocall from 2009 (hence the crew-cut).   I love how Gallo’s photos totally capture Nimoy’s engaging personality,and I’m sure Mr. Nimoy was pleased with them.  Enjoy, and I congratulate Mr. Gallo on these delightfully animated photos!