The Daily Scrapbook 3/10/13 (1979)Starlog Update-A Day in the Life of a Movie Extra

Here’s today’s flashback:  From  1979, the monthly Starlog Star Trek Report, this time featuring what it’s like to be an extra on the set of ST:TMP.  Among the notable extras cast were Louise Stange, president of the Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans (LNAF, of which I belonged at the time)  They misspelled her last name as ‘Strange’!  (Probably a common typo for that poor woman)  There’s also David Gerrold, author of The Trouble with Tribbles, Bjo Trimble, the grand dame of Star Trek fans (she started the Save Star Trek  letter writing campaign back in ’67, and Susan Sackett, the author of the piece herself.  Although I enjoyed reading what it was like to be a movie extra, I still felt ill at ease at the look of the new uniforms and the awful, awful severe hairstyles on the women (What? No mini skirts and toppling bouffants ala Nurse Chapel???)  What was the Trek world coming to?  Alas, I was still envious of every one of them!

V2-036 V2-037

The Daily Scrapbook 3/1/13 Star Trek Report from Starlog Magazine

Here’s today’s flashback:  From March of 1978, the official confirmation article form the beloved Starlog Magazine (the ultimate geek periodical of the time giving us the final rundown of the press conference for the upcoming Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (that was an awful title, wasn’t it?  They should have called it V’Ger Unleashed or something else!)  Anyway, Nimoy explains here that his long awaited casting as Spock was delayed because the communication “between Paramount and Vulcan was very slow”  😉 , and Shatner, when asked it if will be hard to recreate Kirk after 9 years, paraphrases the great Spencer Tracy* “You take a deep breath and say the words.”

Trekkies could always rely on Starlog to bring them the latest news.  This piece was written by Susan Sackett, a writer and associate to Gene Roddenberry well known to Trek fans (I think I have a letter from her someplace).

V2-05A V2-05B*Shatner was blessed to work with Spencer Tracy in Judgment at Nuremburg