The Daily Scrapbook 4/22/13 (1978) Sneak Preview (Starlog) –Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Here’s today’s flashback: From an 1978 issue of Starlog, an in-depth preview of Phillip Kaufman’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers which starred Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Leonard Nimoy and a young Jeff Goldblum.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen this remake I had forgotten about actor Art Hindle, who’s featured prominently in this piece– (should’a been more Nimoy here!) It’s a very well done and VERY creepy remake, as good the original, but miles and miles better than the 2007 version! V2-023-A V2-023-D V2-023-C V2-023-BHighly recommended.

Happy 76th Birthday (a day early) to George Takei!

George Takei turns 76 tomorrow! (April 20th) Oh Myyyy!   I love George’s activism, humor, and compassion for the human race. (Not to mention his voice!)  I have an audio recording of George promoting the first Star Trek movie back in 1979 when he visited our local community college here.  When I figure out how to post it here I will!

A very happy birthday, George! Thanks for being a fine actor and a  wonderful human being! -Love and Blessings, Therese Takei bday 2013

The Daily Scrapbook 4/19/13 — (1978) Movie magazine sneak preview of ST:TMP

Here’s today’s flashback:  From the movie magazine I mentioned yesterday, here’s the article that would surely soothe Michael Jackson’s concerns about the Trek movie. The opening page had a good notion for ‘Then and Now” photos of the crew, yet in typical dashed fashion, the editor failed to notice that it’s Spock, Kirk and Scotty in the ’68 and Spock, Kirk and McCoy in the ’78. and of course the newer photo is printed backward! (Backward pictures and mis- identifications were always one of my pet peeves!) Also, note the quality of the magazine itself– it could only afford one glossy full color page among the newsprint pages; very common in cheaper magazines at the time, unfortunately, I didn’t write down which movie magazine this was from, but Rona Barret and Doug Rowel wrote for it.  Also, a ‘Close Up” info page all about Bill Shatner from the same magazine. V2-021-A V2-021-B V2-021-C V2-021-D V2-022

The Daily Scrapbook 4/18/13 (From 1978)Trek Tidbits and a question from Michael Jackson?

A few more tidbits from around the pre-release of ST:TMP. That dramatic photo  of Bill as Captain Kirk got a lot a circulation, even backward (as it was in this post).  Nimoy says he’s more like Spock in ’78 than ’68, and a fan question from a movie magazine to Rona Barrett, gossip columnist to the stars, concerned that the new Trek may not live up to the old.  Rona reassures the reader that everything’s just rosy and encourages him to read the Trek feature in that magazine.  By the way, the questioner’s name is Michael Jackson (could it be THE Michael Jackson?).  Jackson did live in Encino, CA at the time, and was indeed a Star Trek fan, as you can hear here. (around 4:00)  (I’ll post the article Rona refers to tomorrow)V2-020

The Daily Scrapbook 3/17/13 (1978) Seventeen Magazine preview of ST:TMP

Here’s today’s flashback:  From mid-1978, Seventeen magazine presents some behind the scenes looks at the new Star Trek movie.  Funny, I was 17 in 1978, and yet, this was the first Seventeen magazine I ever bought!   Maybe if I had bothered to read the OTHER articles in there I might have had one stinkin’ date in High School! (But the geek in me won out and  wouldn’t get a date ’til college.) No matter, but you gotta love the dated references in headline paragraph: Travolta, Annie, Affirmed and Bee Gees!  Yep, these were the glorious disco days, and even though I loathed disco and stuck with my Beatles, I’d still go with the gang from my high school Drama Club and school paper to go dancing at The Bachelor Button, so my teenage social life wasn’t a total disaster… and a lot of fun.         Note the highlighted quote from the article on the third page:

Star Trek movemakers are bent on eclipsing recent science fiction hits as Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind…

And therein lied the rub about ST:TMP, as the production poured more and more $ into special effects, it lost sight of keeping it’s script tight and exciting.  The result was a very pretty, if immensely boring, snorefest.

V2-019A V2-019B V2-019CV2-019D

My Weekly Spock 4/15/13 – 1967 Leaf Trading Cards, Part I – Sloppy Spock Shirts

We all know that Jim Kirk ripped his shirt a zillion times over  three seasons of Star Trek, but Spock was usually neat and refined–until now.  These three trading cards are from 1967, from the Leaf company reveal Spock in a most un-regal, sloppy way, his collar torn open in all three. 🙂  The Star Trek Leaf cards were originally printed in 1967 and reprinted in 1981, so if anyone tries to sell you a set, be sure you check the copy write on it (the newer ones are clearly labeled with 1981) The Leaf cards start out with many standard descriptions of the scenes on the front.    Obviously many of these stills were taken during rehearsals on the Trek set, many  making for the strangest captions and descriptions you’d ever find related the original series, (I’ll showcase some of the really bizarre ones next week).  But for now, these rare shots reveal the secret of the original Trek uniforms;  many of them opened at the neck and off the shoulder seam, and I’m guessing it was a relief to open the tight necks during rehearsals, as Nimoy apparently often did.  All this time I just thought they were pull-overs. Now if only Spock was allowed as many ripped shirt scenes as Kirk! ST-Leaf1967-11A021 leaf card collision courseST-Leaf1967-12A023