The Daily Scrapbook: 7/23/13 Star Trek: TMP Bubble Gum Cards Part IV

Here’s today’s flashback — some more of my ST:TMP card collection…The crew has met the enemy and it’s doubleknit polyester! Decker gets glowing, Spock gets a haircut, McCoy has a beard, there’s a big hot foot on Vulcan, Ilia’s in her spa robe, the Klingons get bumpy, Klingon ships are still cool, as is Spock, and Kirk and Spock appear to be thisclose to a kiss!  (that promo shot always cracked me up!)

Card 09 Card 010Card 011

My Weekly Spock 4/29/13 — More Bizarre Leaf Trading Cards

As I pointed out the other week, the first Star Trek bubble gum cards were produced by the Leaf company in 1967 — and they were a pretty bizarre collection.  Loaded with rehearsal outtake photos with odd titles and truly false plot summaries, the Leaf cards obviously didn’t take Trek too seriously. Spock becomes everything from a senator to a teeny-bopper!  Here’s some more Crazy–enjoy!