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The Daily Scrapbook: 4/3/13 — ST:TMP preview by Roger Ebert.

Here’s today’s flashback: From February 1979, a Us magazine preview of Star Trek: The Motion Picture from beloved movie critic and aficionado, Roger Ebert.  I was sad to hear of Ebert’s passing last month, he was a fine critic and devotee of the art of moviemaking, and his reviews should be required reading for anyone who loves movies.  Surprisingly, with all it’s flaws, he actually liked ST:TMP, which is more than I actually expected.  Roger, I hope you have the best seat in movie heaven.


The Daily Scrapbook 4/29/13 -January 1979 Nimoy article from US magazine

Here’s today’s flashback: from January 1979, a rare article from Us Magazine (the rival to People) about Nimoy somewhat literally spreading his wings,and apparently still fighting the Spock Identification.  As usual, the author  of this piece has little respect Spock or Trek, describing Spock as ‘green-skinned and bat-eared’

V2-029A V2-029B