The Daily Scrapbook: Parade Magazine Cover! December 10, 1978

Christmas came early for me in 1978, and seeing my heroes on the cover of the Sunday weekly Parade magazine was not only a thrill, but a validation of my fandom.  Hey, if it was important enough to make the cover of Parade, it must be really big!  The article previewing the movie was surprisingly long (3 pages!) but I took issue with it’s attitude about Trek and its stars.  Especially the one quote:

…Shatner and Nimoy are the only two of the cast who have been able to work continuously since Star Trek went off the air.  But chances are you don’t know what they were doing because if they weren’t Kirk or Spock, it wasn’t much noticed.  They are “stars” only in the world of Star Trek.

I found that quote highly offensive and untrue.  Just review all I had collected up to this point and you could see that they did indeed stay busy, especially Nimoy, who had In Search Of… in syndication, numerous stage work and was about to be seen in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and  while Bill  ran the game show circuit (usually a last ditch effort to stay in the public eye), but also did numerous appearances on popular dramas like Columbo and Mannix.   Okay, so they weren’t superstars like Robert Redford, but they were working, and working hard.  Trek would give them the last laugh, of course, especially after the second movie, when their stars would rise to their greatest visibility and successes.          And looking back on this, I’ve become aware of the quality of rubber cement too! (pardon the brown splotches) And I used to have that very issue of Star Trek Fan Clubs, but I think I sold it on eBay-Sorry!

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2 thoughts on “The Daily Scrapbook: Parade Magazine Cover! December 10, 1978

  1. Agreed, an offensive and untrue quote. Two Broadway plays plus loads of TV, and, as you say, In Search Of. Ignorant!

    • Yep, Trek and its stars never got the respect they deserved from Hollywood. Bill and Leonard had work in the ’70’s, but they could have had so much more if Hollywood hadn’t typcast them (and the rest of the cast) as just Star Trek people.

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