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Weather Alert -Please read

Hi All,

As you may have heard, Hurricane Sandy is moving up the east coast this weekend and  We’re expecting a lot of rain for the next 4 days or so with the bulk of it on Monday and Tuesday. (Especially if the the storm curls left into New York State, where I live).

I encourage all of my readers, especially if they live on the east cost to please prepare for the effects of this storm.   I probably won’t be posting live for a few days next week depending on the severity of the storm and how it may affect my area, but that’s trivial compared to the real life complications this storm may cause. (I will have a couple of scheduled posts)  Please be prepared and safe wherever you are, it might be a good idea to get some extra provisions today.  If you’re in a highly threatened area, be sure you have a disaster supply kit

There’s more info on  

Stay safe!  See you next week (probably live on Thursday) -Therese

FArFri 10/26/12 A Trekkie Halloween, Various Artists

Since Halloween will be over by next Friday- Here’s some Halloween Trek!  From various artists —

Schematization on DeviantArt creates these very funny Star Trek ‘stamps’ (mini gifs) and slogans-with a great sense of humor, and even entire episodes squeezed into several seconds!  Here’s a few, including Catspaw  Hilarious! Then a nice crossover of Kirk with the Gremlin by artist Tom Whalen (strongstuff)  from Twilight Zone! And then a brilliant ‘Regency Trek by artist  lamamama I love how she portrays Amanda & Sarek! The characters there are as follows:

Top row: Sarek woos Amanda with little success

2nd Row:  Chekov defends Mother Russia, Scotty hates the French, and Sarek tries again  ( I LOVE Amanda’s expression and reply here!)

3rd Row T’Pring as snobby Caroline Bingley, Kirk gets randy, Spock does not want to dance and McCoy looks for alcohol.  Meanwhile, Uhura looks ravishing in her gown and turban!

And on the other end of history, a wild, 70’s funkadellic Spock and Uhura from griffinfly   (How cool is that?)Happy Early Halloween Everyone!

The Daily Scrapbook 10/26/12 Nimoy in ‘Equus’

Here’s today’s flashback;  From 1977, Leonard Nimoy got to Broadway as the 5th actor to portray Dr. Martin Dysart in Peter Shaffer’s Equus.  The drama  was about disturbed young man fanatically obsessed with horses.  I bet he was delighted to be on Broadway  (his second time, the first in 1973 in Full Circle with Bibi Anderson). and this was the first time I bought an issue of The New York Times just to get some articles! You can see Nimoy’s passion for the theater, and his regrets that he didn’t come to Broadway sooner.

My Mom and two of her friends went to NYC  later that year and saw the show!  Why oh why didn’t she take me with her?   (It’s okay Mom, I’d meet him in 1978!)

Tomorrow: More Equus

The Daily Scrapbook 10/25/12 Nichelle Soars at NASA

Here’s today’s flashback:  Nichelle Nichols gets a decent 1-page article in that new-fangled People magazine about her NASA Career.  Now if only they could have given her a cover!   It should be noted that Trek stars, despite their wild popularity in in the seventies, pretty much never got any covers in weekly glossies.  A shame too, they deserved a little more attention than, say, Donny and Marie, but such it was.

Tomorrow:  Nimoy in Equus

The Daily Scrapbook 10/24/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  A shout out to Majel Barret-Roddenberry for giving Gene the idea for his TV Pilot ‘Spectre‘ — Sounded like a good idea but it’s funny that at the time CBS declined his pilot because ‘no one is interested in the supernatural’ –But Gene was ahead of his time by about 20 years (Remember the craze X-Files started?)  Now to be honest, I wasn’t into supernatural much either, but I bet this would have worked.  Also a quick blurb about the Star Trek phenomenon and a listing for another Roddenberry movie “The Questor Tapes”. Gene kept busy during the 70s, a shame none of his projects took off the way he hoped. (I think Genesis II would have made a great series).  And look at the babes in the photo upper left.   I bet these little starlets were thinking “Wow, we’re in a Gene Roddenberry picture! We’re gonna be stars!”  Dream on girls.

Wideo Wednesday -10/24/12 What’s in Spock’s Scanner? Parts I,II,III

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED  (For written profanity and some gross-out humor, porn reference)

As requested by a member — “What’s in Spock’s Scanner, Parts I,II, and III.    These are very clever mash-ups with lots of side glances and double takes.  It appears that Spock spends a lot of work hours looking at ‘Spacebook’!   Love the Kirk gag in part one, giving the illusion of a hand-held camera view of his antics on Platonius.  Not too thrilled with the written profanity, gross-out humor, and reference to tacky porn.  But on the whole, it has some very funny moments.

Congrats to Blackmoon Productions for all it’s hard work. Enjoy.

The Daily Scrapbook 10/23/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  A 1977 review from Starlog magazine of Nimoy’s new weekly documentary series “In Search Of...”   ( I can still hear the theme song) And more delays on that supposed Star Trek movie.  Roddenberry wanted a script that would please the fans, but Paramount found his original script “too much like a TV series”.  Unfortunately, the final result was too much like a a very slow, very boring documentary, not like the original at all, (and don’t get me started on those hideous footie-pajama uniforms!)  Glad Wrath of Khan came along in ’82 as of much better representation of what Trek should be.                  In Search Of… was an interesting series, although I’m sure much of its info is outdated now. The episode that really bugged me was about a cult around ‘St Germaine’; creepy.  As a youngster, I was willing to believe that there was a Loch Ness Monster, and maybe even that ancient civilizations etched big pictures into the deserts to communicate with aliens, although I mostly watched for the Nimoy segments.   In a later episode, Nimoy ‘searched’ for Vincent Van Gogh, and cleverly plugged his new one-man-show Vincent.