The Daily Scrapbook 10/29/12 — NYT 1977 ‘Leonard Nimoy Possessed by the roles he plays’

Here’s today’s flashback (something to get you east-coasters minds briefly off of Hurricane  Sandy–Stay Safe Everyone!)

From The New York Times in 1977, here’s a nice, long interview with Nimoy in his rented Manhattan apartment, talking about Equus, Star Trek, and being prescient about what roles he will play (He knew he’ play Dysart, he knew he’d play Sherlock Holmes).   At this point, he was heavily lobbying to play the vampire Lestat in ‘Interview with the Vampire‘ that Paramout had just bought.
I don’t think he foresaw that it wouldn’t be made until 1993 and that Tom Cruise would get the part — I wonder if it  would have been better if it had been made in the late 70s or early 80’s with Nimoy in the role.  We can only imagine.

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