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My Weekly Spock – Mr. and Mrs.

I came across these lovely pictures of Leonard and Susan (Bay) Nimoy at the premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness last May.  Married over 2 decades and obviously still crazy about each other;Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+gj_J3FBzBlDl Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Darkness+Premieres+cqEcFKghvlbl Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+B4l8LoM0fTol Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+8pPaMxsNT1Cl Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+7k50T3_knkBl you can see the love. Sweet.