Wideo Wednesday (a day late) “Star Trek Into Darkness-An Honest Trailer

I would have posted this yesterday, but the battery died on my computer and we had to re-start and re-install everything!!!

This is a scream! Star Trek: Into Darkness as interpreted by the very funny YouTube  page  “Screen Junkies” who make “Honest Trailers”!

4 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday (a day late) “Star Trek Into Darkness-An Honest Trailer

  1. As I said on your fb page, have you seen the 2009 Honest Trailer? Perfect. And see the Harry potter ones too:-)

  2. This video bears sad testimony to the evolution of Star Trek from a dream people believed in into just another action-adventure franchise.The times have changed since TOS, mostly not for the better. One thing hasn’t changed: It’s as sexist as it was in 1966. The demographic they’re making these reboot movies for–15 to 24-year-old males–shows why. Spock spends most of his time having emotional outbursts, while Kirk shows me none of the “greatness” Chris Pike saw in him. The Kirk dying scene is a soulless ripoff of “The Wrath of Khan.” I could go on about this, but I guess I’ll just degenerate into an old fogie and go on watching TOS.

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