My Weekly Spock -Leonard on Carol Burnett (VIDEO)

Last year,  the first season of the Carol Burnett Show became available for the first time and we were finally able to answer the question, “What was Mr. Spock doing on Carol Burnett?”  The answer is here, and a pretty goofy one too! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock -Leonard on Carol Burnett (VIDEO)

  1. I was really glad when we could finally see this video, after only having that one photo from the end, but it’s not an entirely enjoyable experience. Harry is a jerk who isn’t nice to his wife, and then he turns out to be Spock. It makes no sense, but of course I get that it was comedy from a long time ago.

    • Yes, and clearly it was written as slapstick, although yes, “Harry” is NOTHING like Spock! But Carol’s character looks delighted when she sees what ‘Harry’ looks like! (i’d be too) Let’s hope that once her character could see him, he’s stop being a jerk!

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