My Weekly Spock: TOS Publicity with Grace

I’m a fool for original TOS Publicity Photos!  These are just GOLD!   I just came across these from the site Addicted to Sci-Fi.  The funnything here is, of course, that Rand and Spock rarely had any scenes together (and were hardly this snuggly) on the series!

RIP Leonard and Grace, your smiles are with us always <3

RS Transporter_n

RS reacharoundRS.Got YaRS.Ear Tickle

4 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: TOS Publicity with Grace

  1. I’ve found quite a few, actually, (on Pintereset, eBay and TrekCore) and hope to find more. But these just blew me away. So far, I see publicity photos having little or nothing to do with the actual episode/characters, but that makes them all the more fun. Most see to be in black and white (no doubt for TV listings, etc) — I’ll be creating a section for them here soon 🙂

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