The Daily Scrapbook – The last of Media Spotlight, and a super 70’s George!

Hey kids, here’s today’s flashback:  The last few pages of Media Spotlight and a great photo of swinging George Takei in his best 70’s gear!  Good ‘ol George was a regular fixture at the Conventions, always ready with a smile and a pen ready for autographs! George was described in David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek as one of the ‘smilingest’ human beings you were ever likely to meet, and he delivers his million dollar smile here! I love George!  Sadly, this is the last of my Media Spotlight Magazine, and I don’t have any more copies, but if I should come across any in my travels, you’ll see the here!

media spotlight 1977-027 media spotlight 1977-026 media spotlight  1977-02

The Daily Scrapbook (8/29/13)– Trek Merchadise Ads!

Here’s today’s flashback:  In it’s 70’s rebirth through syndication, Star Trek was a marketer’s dream! Everything you could imagine was found in ads from Starlog and Media Spotlight, among other Sci-Fi magazines.  A lot of the stuff you see here could be bought at conventions too, and there was also Lincoln Enterprises, the company started by Gene Roddenberry to sell everything a Trekkie could want.  The man knew how to make money!  I wonder if anyone still has any of these fan-tastic items? A Trekkie’s Paradise to be sure!

media spotlight 1977-023 media spotlight 1977-024 media spotlight 1977-025

The Daily Scrapbook 8/21/13 “Inside Science Fiction”

Hey, this is my 500th post!

Here’s today’s flashback;  Another installment of Media Spotlight.  This time it’s “Inside Science Fiction” by  Jackie Lichtenberg, where she reviews the latest sci-fi related projects by our favorite Trek stars.  Especially noteworthy is the LP album Inside Star Trek, which I remember buying at the time for  @ $8.00, a big chunk out of my budget for the time.  It featured Gene Roddenberry chatting with De Kelley, Bill Shatner and most notably Mark Lenard as Sarek, discussing the fascinating ordeal of  Spock’s birth.  I still have that LP somewhere, although nowhere to play it!  The article also mentions that fans should get a hold of Leonard Nimoy’s recordings of The Martian Chronicles, although they might be a bit too expensive for your average geek’s wallet.  The author extols Nimoy on his “rich, velvet voice”.  There’s also interesting insights on how “The City on the Edge of Forever might have been if writer Harlan Ellison had his way (a footnote of Star Trek production legend is about how much Ellison hated the way his original script was edited into the legendary episode that aired.  (To his credit, Ellison won a Writer’s Guild of America’s Award for his original teleplay).

media spotlight 1977-017 media spotlight 1977-018media spotlight 1977-019

The Daily Scrapbook 8/7/13 The Trek-Centric “Media Spotlight” 1977

Here’s today’s flashback. On a Saturday in  1977, I recall walking into the Waldenbooks a the mall  and found a magazine I had never seen before, and there was Mr. Spock in all his glory on the front!   Naturally my purse opened itself up and the dollars flew out to have this glorious cover shot. (even though it had very little to do with the magazine itself!)

Media Spotlight was a thinly disguised Star Trek zine, kind of like a poor newsprint cousin to the glossier Starlog magazine. It basked in the glory of the ’70’s Trek rebirth (complete with publicity stills and hastily sketched drawings of the crew) and kept you in touch with the stars, writers, and fans associated with the show (including the late, great Joan Winston) It also reported on other sci-fi shows of the time (Space 1999!, The Six Million Dollar Man!) but the original Trek was it’s favorite nest egg.  I’ll be posting articles from this edition through this week and beyond. And btw, this was the first prize in our Spock Lookalike Contest earlier this year! (Hey Roy, how do you like your mag?)  Enjoy.

media spotlight 1977-01

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