The Daily Scrapbook (8/29/13)– Trek Merchadise Ads!

Here’s today’s flashback:  In it’s 70’s rebirth through syndication, Star Trek was a marketer’s dream! Everything you could imagine was found in ads from Starlog and Media Spotlight, among other Sci-Fi magazines.  A lot of the stuff you see here could be bought at conventions too, and there was also Lincoln Enterprises, the company started by Gene Roddenberry to sell everything a Trekkie could want.  The man knew how to make money!  I wonder if anyone still has any of these fan-tastic items? A Trekkie’s Paradise to be sure!

media spotlight 1977-023 media spotlight 1977-024 media spotlight 1977-025

One thought on “The Daily Scrapbook (8/29/13)– Trek Merchadise Ads!

  1. Really cool stuff! I think I still have some ads and clippings from old comic books that as a kid I folded to fit into a small matchbox. I’d keep them in my pocket in middle school. Thanks for sharing!

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