The Daily Scrapbook 8/7/13 The Trek-Centric “Media Spotlight” 1977

Here’s today’s flashback. On a Saturday in  1977, I recall walking into the Waldenbooks a the mall  and found a magazine I had never seen before, and there was Mr. Spock in all his glory on the front!   Naturally my purse opened itself up and the dollars flew out to have this glorious cover shot. (even though it had very little to do with the magazine itself!)

Media Spotlight was a thinly disguised Star Trek zine, kind of like a poor newsprint cousin to the glossier Starlog magazine. It basked in the glory of the ’70’s Trek rebirth (complete with publicity stills and hastily sketched drawings of the crew) and kept you in touch with the stars, writers, and fans associated with the show (including the late, great Joan Winston) It also reported on other sci-fi shows of the time (Space 1999!, The Six Million Dollar Man!) but the original Trek was it’s favorite nest egg.  I’ll be posting articles from this edition through this week and beyond. And btw, this was the first prize in our Spock Lookalike Contest earlier this year! (Hey Roy, how do you like your mag?)  Enjoy.

media spotlight 1977-01

media spotlight  1977-03 media spotlight  1977-04 media spotlight  1977-05 media spotlight  1977-06

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